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Le Petit Theatre Is Celebrating 100 Years of Entertainment In a Resilient NOLA

Celebrating its centennial, Le Petit Théâtre du Vieux Carré is New Orleans’ nationally renowned little theatre. Begun in 1916, the theatre moved to 616 St. Peter St. in 1922, where it’s been ever since. Over the decades, countless actors, directors and technicians have entertained generations of local audiences. In 2013, the theatre completed a multi-million… Read More

A conversation with Justin Kennedy, general manager and head chef of Parkway Bakery & Tavern

New Orleans doesn’t get any more authentic than Parkway Bakery & Tavern, a Mid City institution of gastronomy and libation for nearly a century. After a brief absence in the late 1990s, Parkway is back and stronger than ever. Earlier this month, the City Council approved a proposal to expand the restaurant’s location on Hagan… Read More

A Vibrant Home for Small Businesses

New Orleans’ culinary scene is so rich and unique that it is an embedded part of who we are, and it’s also a particular point of pride with locals. One of the big draws for visitors to our city is our one-of-a-kind cuisine. It affords locals something that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to sustain as… Read More

NEW ORLEANS WILL Enjoy Free Festivals

Here in New Orleans, we are known for having some of the best festivals in the country, naturally, since music and food are two things that we have perfected down here. People come from all over for events like Jazz Fest, and our city gets packed with visitors. All this commotion brings a buzz of… Read More